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e –Books

1) Springer E-books : (More than 13000 e-books in Engineering and Allied Subjects) (Copyright years 2013- 2005)

Springer is the largest Science, Technology and Medicine publisher in the world with an estimation of 25% market share in this segment. The collection features around 45,000 titles and will grow with more than 4,500 newly released STM books, book series volumes and reference works each year.

2) Taylor & Francis CRC E-books– (More than 250 Ebooks )

CRCnetBASE provides essential information for the scientific and technical communities. It provides easy access to some of the world’s major reference works via the Internet. It offers a comprehensive eBook collection that delivers more than 12,000 references in over 350 subject areas and more than 40 collections.

e –Journals

1) IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) (273 e-Journals, 6514 Conference proceedings, 3043 Technical Standards etc. (2016) (Back file Access from 1872 – till date)

The IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) providing full text access to the world’s highest quality technical literature in electrical engineering, computer science, Information Science, electronics, Telecommunication, Biotechnology and related disciplines.


2) Science Direct (Elsevier) : Engineering + Computer Science (285 journals) (Back file Access 2000 – 2015)

This specific journal package has been established to extend researchers’ access to full text in the fields of security, computer programming, optics, thermal energy, construction and building material and electricity.

3) Springer : Engineering + Basic Science Subjects(680 e-Journals)( Back file Access from 1997 – till date)

All journals are peer-reviewed and edited by internationally respected scientists, researchers and academics from world-leading institutions and corporations. This specific journal package has been established to access to full text in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, Chemistry and Materials Science, Mathematics and Statistics, Physics & Astronomy.


4) Taylor and Francis: Engineering (535 e-Journals) (Back file Access from 2000 – till date)

Taylor & Francis Group partners with researchers, scholarly societies, universities, and libraries worldwide to bring knowledge to life. As one of the world’s leading publishers of scholarly journals, eBooks, reference works, and databases, our content spans all areas of the humanities, social sciences, behavioral sciences, science, technology, and medicine.

Note: All accessible titles will have the Green icon.

5) ASCE ONLINE : Civil Engineering (35 e-Journals) (Back file Access from 1983 – till date)

The ASCE publishes 35 journals, periodicals and transactions that cover a comprehensive range of the civil engineering profession. ASCE journals are highly cited and are most relevant to the civil engineers for exchanging technical and professional knowledge.

6) ProQuest – Technology Collection (Back file Access from 2000 – till date)

This database is the total technology research solution, combining full text journals with indexing of global literature on technology and applied science, including materials science, aerospace engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, condensed matter physics, computer science and electronic engineering. It fully incorporates ProQuest Engineering Collection,

7) ProQuest – Management Collection (Back file Access from 2000 – till date)

ProQuest Management Collection is one of the most comprehensive business databases on the market. It includes in-depth coverage for over 3,714 publications and offers the latest business and financial information for researchers at all levels. Users can find out about business conditions, management techniques, business trends, management practice and theory, corporate strategy and tactics, and competitive landscape.

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