Library Rules

Library Rules

Admission to Library:

Students are allowed to library only on production of their authorized/valid Identity Cards

Working Hours of the Library:

Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm (During Examination up to 8 PM)

Saturday 9.30 am to 2pm
Sundays 9am to 1.00 pm (only on Examination Time )

  1. At The Entrance:

Enter your name and Sign in the register kept at the entrance counter before entering library

No personal belongings allowed inside the library.

Coats, jackets , handbags, baggage, etc. should be left on the storage facilities provided at the entrance of the library.

Textbooks, printed materials and issued books are not allowed to be taken inside Circulation and Reference section the library.

The Library follows Open Access system. Open Access System means you are permitted to enter in the Library Stack Room and select the books /reading materials you are required.


  1. Inside the Library :
  • Silence must be observed strictly in the library
    Group discussions are not allowed in the reading room.
  • Chewing, eating, sleeping and talking loudly are strictly prohibited in the Library
  • Mobile phones or personal stereos should not be used in the library.
  • Any person leaving the library shall, if called upon to do so by the librarian, present for inspection all books and property being carried out from the library.
  • The college accepts no responsibility for any personal property brought into the library.
  • No person shall reserve a working place in the library by leaving library material or personal property on a reading table. The library staff is not responsible for loss of such personal property.
  • The librarian may require any person guilty of disorderly or inconsiderate conduct or of any breach of these rules to leave the library immediately. The library committee, based upon the complaints filed by the librarian, may withdraw library privileges from that person for such period as considered fit.
  • No unauthorized person shall enter or be in the library for any purpose. Outside students are not permitted to use the library unless there is a written permission from the Principal



Issue System

Books will be issued on presentation of the library card along with the ID card. Students are instructed to check the books while borrowing and they will be responsible for any type of damage or mutilation noticed at the time of return.

Two books are issued for ten days and they must be returned on or before the last date stamped on the date-slip of each document. Sending reminders to defaulters is not obligatory on the part of the Library.

The borrower should check the fitness of the document before getting it issued. Any discrepancy should be brought to the notice of the person at the Circulation Counter who will put necessary remarks on the document before issuing. The borrower will be held responsible for any defect/damage found at the time of return of the document, if not recorded on it earlier, and will be liable to pay the penalty.

Books will be reissued for not more than two times. After that the borrower must return the book(s)

.Book Lost

If the books are lost, Then the borrower shall replace the books of the same edition or latest edition or pay double cost of the book after getting permission from the librarian.

In case of loss/damage/mutilation of a volume of a multi-volume set, the borrower is liable to replace the whole set with the same edition in case the single volume of the set cannot be purchased. In case of rare or out of print or valuable documents, the amount of penalty will be decided, on case-to-case basis. Replacement by photocopied version will not be accepted.

Care of library borrower cards

Take special care to maintain the library borrower cards.
Do not fold, alter entries made on the cards, members are responsible for the entire set of library borrower card issued to them.

Library borrower cards are not transferable. The borrower is responsible for the books borrowed on his/her card.

Loss of cards

Loss of borrower card should be reported to the librarian in writing. After checking the borrowing register they will be issued a fresh replacement card on a payment of Rs.25/- per card.

Validity of cards

Library borrower cards are valid for the respective academic year only and fresh cards will be issued for each year.
At the end of the academic year borrower cards shall be returned to the library.

No due Certificate

Each student shall obtain No dues certificate from the library after returning all the books issued, surrendering the borrower’s cards and after paying outstanding dues, if any.

Care of Library Books

Borrower is responsible for the safe custody and return of the documents borrowed from the Library.Students are require to handle the books/ Journal very carefully; marking with pencil , writing or highlighting , tearing the pages or mutilating the same in any other way will be viewed very seriously. In such case reader shall be held responsible unless these are brought to the notice of the library staff at the time of issue.

Book bank

SC/ST students of college can become a member of the book bank giving application along with caste certificate.

Members of the book bank will be issued Set of textbooks for each semester.
Book shall be returned within two days after the theory examination, otherwise a fine of Rs.1/- per day from the last working of the college will be charged.

Reference section

This section has Encyclopedia, dictionaries, Text books reference books etc. which are only available for reference. User can make use of these resources.

Reference books, journals / periodicals, magazines/newspapers, CD-ROM databases and other documents declared “For Reference” by the Librarian will not be issued.

Journal Section

In these section journals, general magazines and news letter are available. They are arranged alphabetically. The latest issues are displayed on display rack and other previous issues are arranged in the drawer. Bound volumes of periodicals are arranged in rack alphabetically and are meat only for reference with in the library

  1. Care of the library material
  • No person shall deliberately or carelessly mutilate, deface or place any library material or piece of library equipment . Any person responsible for the deliberate or careless mutilation or defacement or misplacing of library material , furniture or equipment may be required to pay the full cost of replacement of any article defaced, mutilated or lost in addition to any fine or other disciplinary measure imposed.
  • Material consulted in the library should be left on the tables and not replaced on the shelves.
  1. Cyber Library Rules
  • Users shall not damage or tamper with the computing equipment, its systems, programs or other stored information.
  • Changing the settings and display of the Computers kept in the Cyber Library/Reading Hall is not permitted.
  • A user shall not use the computing facilities for purposes other than academic pursuit.
  • The use of facilities for the display , storage or transmission of offensive , obscene or defamatory or illegal materials is strictly forbidden and violation of this will attract disrupted action
  • Browsing social networking sites is strictly prohibited. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the defaulters.Online Chatting in the Cyber Library is not allowed.Playing games on computers is strictly prohibited in the entire Library premises

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