Library Sections


Library Sections:

Modular beautiful and aesthetic library building is constructed to meet the modern requirements of the user. It consists of 50% stack area, 30% service area and 30% networking/browsing area.

Central Library functions smoothly with the support of following Sections:

Acquisition Section:

This section is mainly responsible for procurement of books.

Technical Section:

This section is mainly responsible for processing of procured books and playing a role of bridge between Acquisition and Circulation Section. The section classifies the documents, catalogues them and finally sends these books for display in New Arrivals Display Area for a week.

Circulation Section:

This section is mainly responsible for circulation of documents in the library to the users. It plays a role of bridge between users and books. The following tasks are performed by this section:

  1. Membership Registration
  2. Issue/Return
  3. Reserve/Renewal
  4. Issue No-dues Certificate
  5. Overdue Fine Collection
  6. Book Reservation
  7. Alert Services such as overdue, collect notice etc.

Periodical Section

This section is mainly responsible for procurement of print journals and e-resources

The following tasks are taken care by this section:

  1. Print Journals Subscription
  2. E-Resources subscription and its management
  3. E-Books Subscription & its management
  4. Bound Volume Management

Reference Section:

This section is mainly responsible for providing the information related to library activities, resources, services.

Reading Section:

This section consists of well furnished moduler Tables and Chairs with sitting capacity of 250 students read at a time

Digital Library

E resource access centre with an objective to accomplish the universal access of information unrestricted by time and place. In order to harness the ICT 25 state of the art computer work stations are facilitating in cyber space to provide to excellent access to internet to support education and learning at the College.

Out of courtesy to other library users, headphones are also provided for viewing Web sites of videos and lecturer course materials like NPTEL

Lap top Designated Area

A separate laptop designated area is provided where user can bring his laptop /tablets and connect to internet with wifi access for access learning resources

Reprographic centre

Two document scanners are available in library reprographic centre for scanning purpose.

Two High speed network laser printers are made available for students along with two photo copying machines.


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