Library Usage Policy

Library use policy

The following principles guide service provision to all users of the PDIT Library


Library users and staff will interact with mutual respect and consideration.

Library users will:

  • Respect private and Institute property
  • Abide by all Institute and Libraries’ policies.
  • Comply with all requests and instructions made by library staff
  • Show valid identification upon request
  • Use PDIT Libraries resources (content, equipment, or facilities) safely and appropriately

Limits of use

The following are prohibited:

  • Behaviors that threaten personal safety or the security of personal or Institute property
  • Do not place your feet, shoes, or slippers on any furniture, tables, and/or chairs
  • Behaviors that violate PDIT’s Policy on Harassment: “Harassment is defined as unwelcome conduct of a verbal, nonverbal or physical nature that is sufficiently severe or pervasive to create a work or academic environment that a reasonable person would consider intimidating, hostile or abusive and that adversely affects an individual’s educational, work, or living environment.”Viewing inappropriate images or content is not tolerated within library facilities.
  • Behaviors that interfere with the activities of other library users or staff, including but not limited to excessive noise, cell phones, music, and rudeness.
  • Tampering with computers, equipment, facilities, or any other Library resources.
  • Recreational use of Libraries resources and computers by visitors
  • Patrons who violate the Learning Commons Rules will be warned once and then asked to leave

The PDIT Library may limit or refuse access to individuals or groups who fail to comply with these guidelines.

We request you to,

  • Respect and follow library rules and procedures
  • Co-operate with library staff
  • Feel free to seek assistance
  • Maintain silence
  • Help in keeping the library neat and clean
  • Alert on misuse of resources
  • Take care of library materials
  • Provide feedback & suggestions

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