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MBA has become the most extensively pursued master’s degree across the globe because  MBA is considered most coveted qualification by all industry stalwarts. Keeping in demand of industry in mind we started management course aims at sharpening student’s ability to anticipate and understand the array of challenges that they will face throughout the career.

Our teaching methods are highly practical and focused on what industry needs as it evolves through constant interaction with leading professionals. Students will be benefited from practical teaching methods, theoretical overview problem solving sessions, real case studies and individual and team projects.

The department focuses on overall development of its students by conducting industrial visits, expert classes by industry representatives and reputed guest faculties from other institutes, hosting management fests, workshops, seminars and personality development programs.

HOD Message

HOD Message
The business environment today is more complex and unpredictable than ever before. To overcome increasingly multifaceted challenges, business leaders need to think creatively and react strategically to gain and sustain competitive advantages. We, The MBA Department of PDIT College, therefore, strive to develop competent managerial human resources for the Industry, who is ready to take on the challenges of the ever-changing corporate environment. With updated and professional environment our faculty makes distinctive contribution not only to students but to Academia through publications, seminars, conferences apart from quality education which has resulted in being one of the premier institutes of management in Bellary Region.

Welcome to the PDIT family. You are going to witness a curriculum that is a unique blend of strategic thinking and pragmatism. We have three dimensional focuses that is not only to achieve highest standards of academic excellence, but also to achieve highly effective corporate interface backed with multi-dimensional development opportunities. We nurture our students to be emotionally intelligent through inculcating human values and professional ethics so that they surpass competition and excel better than the best.

Wish you a very happy and rigorous learning experience.
With Best Wishes,

Mr. Ravi Kumar S.P.
Head of the Department
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Mobile: 9986275326

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  • Vision
  • Mission
  • PEOs
  • PSOs
  • POs

“To be a Leader in Management Education by developing effective and responsible leaders in the nation by empowering students from diverse backgrounds to reach their full potential by truly providing value based education through distinctive via its multidisciplinary and integrated approach in the areas of management, enhancing a responsible educational experience that connects people and organisations to deliver social and economic impact.”

  • To be a vibrant learning organization to generate excellent, universal, socially responsible and creative leaders to interact with business and government to create a better society.
  • To impart application oriented management education to generate socially and ethically responsible entrepreneurs and professionals.
  • To interact with the industry, educational and research organizations and alumni in the fields of training and research to meet the demand of quality skilled human resource at national & international level.
  • To develop soft skills of the students in order to increase their employability.
  1.  PEO1: Transform students as effective professionals.
  2.  PEO2: Develop professional skills among the students.
  3.  PEO3: Equip the students to adapt to a rapidly changing environment.
  • PSO1: Students should exhibit their knowledge of management principles.
  • PSO2: Students should demonstrate their critical-thinking and problem solving skills.
  • PSO3: Students should manifest their leadership qualities.
  • PSO4: Students should prove an awareness of their own values.
  • PSO5: Students should show a sense of responsibility.
  • PSO6: Students should evince their ability to recognize when change is needed, adapt to change.
  • PO1: Ability to apply conceptual foundations to solve practical decision-making problems.
  • PO2: Ability to develop a systematic understanding of changes in business environment.
  • PO3: Ability to function effectively in a team.
  • PO4: Ability to analyze a problem, and use the appropriate managerial skills for obtaining its solution.
  • PO4: Ability to identify and address ethical issues and apply them in organizational settings.
  • PO5: Understanding of professional integrity.
  • PO6: Ability to communicate effectively.
  • PO7: Ability to use information and knowledge effectively.
  • PO8: Awareness about the society.
  • PO9: Ability to use practical managerial analysis skills.
  • PO10: A successful career and immediate placement.

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Sha Bhavarlal Babulal Nahar Campus,

TB Dam Road,

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