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The Computer Science & Engineering department has got departmental Forum that is actively run by the students and Faculty, Under which the forum continuously conducts Technical , Cultural, Technocultural Fests.

The Forum conducts Students benefited programs throughout the semester. The Pride Program of the Department of Computer Science & Engineering is Wonders that is conducted every year under the Forum, through which the Technical and Non technical students of various colleges throughout the state participate in the event and exhibit  their  Hidden talents.

                                                                                                                                                               Forum CO-Ordinator

                                                                                                                                                          Mr.Malatesh Kamatar


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    WEEK 1  14-02- 2020                                           INNAUGURATION      
    WEEK  2  28-02 2020  


                                     PICK & SPEAK

 Prof.Ashwini C

 Prof.Manjula S.D

     WEEK 3   06-03-2020

      OUTDOOR SPORTS  :   




 Dr.Vijaya Kumar  A     V

 Prof.Ramesh Byali


 Prof.Tejashwini C S

                       WEEK 4            13-03- 2020       ELUCATION ON "WOMEN ACHIVERS " ON  ACCOUNT OF  WOMEN'S DAY CELEBRATION

 Prof.Shahida Begum 

 Prof.Naveen  Kumar H

  WEEK 5 13-12-2020 "ONLINE SINGING COMPITATION" Prof.Malatesh Kamatar
  WEEK 6    23-12-2020  WEBINAR ON “ SKILLS FOR SUCCESS ” 23.12.2020  by   Mr. B. Gururaja Rao, Proprietor, Parimala Consultants, B’lore

Prof.Malatesh Kamatar

Mr.Pavan Kumar Jois

   WEEK 7     26.05.2021  Webinar On "How to get prepared for   placements amidst   pandemic ”   by Mrs.     Anuradha, CEO & Founder, Blackbucks,     Hyderabad Prof.Shahida Begum K
  WEEK  8      13-06-21  "ONLINE SINGING COMPITATION" Prof.Malatesh Kamatar


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